I can hear the meh of the goats wining as soon as I open the barn door. They can’t yet see me, but they hear and feel my presence. They know their mama is coming to feed them. They trust that I will provide good food and fresh water for them twice a day. They trust I will provide medicine when they are sick, a clean barn for them to sleep in, help when they are delivering their babies. The very best of care. They know I am their good shepherd who watches over my flock with abundance. And it is my greatest joy to do so. These goats have been my dream for years and it is a supreme gift to be able to care for them. It fills my soul and gives me life. I truly love them.

In this time of unknowns, when a virus seems to be ravaging our world, it gives me comfort to put my hands on my animals. To feel delight when they nudge up against me for a pet. To touch something. It is grounding when all things feel out of control. It is also a great reminder of the good shepherd who watches over us. A reminder of truth. As much as I love my animals and care for them, how much more does our heavenly father love us and care for his flock. I am reminded daily of his provision and his protection. Just as my animals surrender to my care and trust in my provision, we are called to do the same. As my sister said, surrender, and watch HIM provide. Trust that he will work all things together for good, like he said he would.

Sounds cliche and kind of silly, I know. Only a farmher would compare her shepherding to God’s shepherding. And we’ve all heard the scriptures a thousand times. He works it all for good. Don’t worry. Trust in the lord. During this unprecedented season of life we find ourselves in, it’s easy to cast off these truths as nothing but words in an ancient book that have nothing to do with our reality today. But GOD. As much as my mind wants to fear and give in to all the anxieties, my heart wants peace more. And so I choose to read the ancient words and let them settle my soul.

What if we take a moment to settle and be really still. To listen to the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the sounds of nature. What if we quiet our minds enough to hear the truth. I think we will find in the moments of utter quiet that we hear God speaking his love and care over us. That we can feel peace, that we can feel a deep knowing that it’s all going to be ok. Close your eyes and hear the whispers of God, hear him saying, look at the birds, they are still chirping, look at the sun, it is still rising and setting. You are my beloved and I’ve got this. Trust in my provision. Let me hold you.

Loves, the media is not the truth. Facebook is not the truth. Instagram and twitter, they are not the truth. They are not the soul filling we ache for right now. God’s whispers, her love, her protection, they are what’s right and true. However, you view God ( I see God as a fierce black woman) or whatever you call God, I do believe she is singing over you right now. She is holding us so tight, fighting so hard for us in these moments.

James Bryan Smith says it best, “You are one in whom Christ delights and dwells. You live in the strong and unshakeable kingdom of God. The kingdom is not in trouble and neither are you.” Let us hold tight to this truth and let is seep deep down into our souls. May we experience deep peace as we endure the next weeks and months. May our lives be filled with truth. May we surrender to the one who holds it all.

For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”~Colossians 1:16-17

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