The stars twinkle overhead in all of their glory, lighting the night right up.  Blazing in all of their brilliance, confidently living out exactly what the Father has made them to be.  He created the stars to shine right bright and light up the night and he created us to light up a broken world.  We are to live out fearless lives, declaring who we are, whose we are.   

What do we do when the whole of our world spins right broken and we are caught in the web of fear, stress, sickness, hearts split wide open?  When the enemy has stolen our joy and taken us as his?  I will not soon forget how the coffee cup trembled in my hand because I was overtaken by the enemy of anxiety.  I will not soon forget how I worried that I would spill the cream and not get the cap on tightly and look a fool.  I will not soon forget how I was scared to drive, panicked by the nighttime, and woke up literally not able to breathe.   

The writing of the words causes tears to swell up in these eyes of mine.  Losing your mental faculties in any way shape or form is just simply the worst, the hardest, the ugliest.  The stigma has got to be the worst.  Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you will be fine.  And I want to scream, just because you can’t see my brokenness doesn’t mean it’s not there.  How many of us are walking around with our children, going to church, to the grocery store, to the pickup lane, with a heavy burden that no one can see?  I was.  Every day.  Until I simply gave out.  

The best thing we can ever do for each other is to listen, to love, to care, and bear each other’s burdens.  We weren’t made to carry such a load.  Let’s help one another out and not assume that it’s all ok.  Encourage one another, build each other up.  Reach out.  And bless with your unconditional love and acceptance.  Let’s not be afraid to hear the stories, to enter into the brokenness, to dismantle perfection.  Let’s rise up as our authentic, true selves, living truth just like the stars in the heavens. 

When I was in the deepest darkest pits of anxiety, the God of angel armies met me there.  He sang over me and spoke truth to my soul.   I was cradled in the strong arms of the father.

and also it took time to put the pieces back together. 

I was stuck in fear for a while and it felt shameful. It was like trying to climb out of a pit, yet I kept sliding back down and could never fully get out.  Everyone around me seemed whole and confident. They could sing and believe the words to no longer a slave. Yet, I was still a slave.  Slowly, he molded me back into shape.  Because he is a god of process and had much to teach me.

If the heart gets stuck in fear, he is there.  singing over you.  you are not shameful or worthless.  you are a beauty being shaped into exactly who he created you to be.   

Cross into hope. 

 live your dreams, your daily routine with full confidence.   trust.  have faith.  

The TRUTH is fear is a liar. 

Fear tells us not to go on the mission trip, not to write the book, not to adopt the child, not to love those who are different from us.  Fear tells me not to write these words.  Fear lies to us and leads to inaction and shame.  And frankly fear can go to hell. 

Truth speaks life to our weary hearts.  Truth is we are all beloved warriors, made to fight against darkness and shine light through our love.  We are worthy.  We are enough.  We can do every hard thing. Hope gets us there.  trust leads us there.  faith makes it happen. 

The god of the universe calls to me, look up child, look up at the stars, and dare to believe. 

And the twinkling stars enfolded me, heaven’s holy light, and I believed. 

for their shouted praises are weapons of war, praise filled warriors will enforce doom against their enemies.” -Psalm 149:6,9 TPT

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