The lanterns on the porch give off a golden glow.  Holiness permeating like fire right through them.  The spirit of the Lord, everywhere, in all things.  

I open my bible and I read about the building of the temple.  The ancient words bring me warmth and remind me of the nearness of God.  The truth that he is among us & living in us.

The temple of the Lord was filled with wood carvings of cherubim and engravings of trees and flowers. An intentional inviting of the holy spirit.  An offering to the lord. Solomon’s heart to worship the lord with the temple was so evident in what he chose to include as décor.  I love the cherubim as they represent angels involved in the worship and praise of God.  Angels in every room and hallway of the temple.  Worshiping God.  Lest we forget him as we marvel at the grandness of the temple, we are reminded by the angels who are always attending to god.  

The words of Solomon were penned on the walls in my living room during our home construction.  A bold prayer that he dared utter. My way of inviting in the spirit, crying out to the lord to be in this place and to fill these halls with his glory. My offering of worship. “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you; how much less this house that I have built.  Yet have regard to the prayer of your servant and to his plea, O lord my God…. that your eyes may be open night and day toward this house.  That your name shall be there and you shall listen to the prayers your servant offers towards this place.” 1 Kings 8: 27-30

As we go about our days it must be with an AND mindset.  Papa and me.  As Christy Nockels says, a magnifying of the Lord.  The more I practice this, the more I see his holiness in all things.  The flowers, the warmth of the blanket, the meal I am eating, the books I am reading, the baby goat I am holding.  His holy presence in it all.  For me it feels like warm, huge outstretched arms holding me at all times.  A peaceful, loving embrace.  

When I magnify HIM, he attends to me.  With his goodness in every crack and crevice of my life.

Beloved warrior, may your day be filled with awe and wonder.  May the Lord of heaven shine his face upon you.  May his name be always on your heart.   May he be with you in all things.  The spirit of the Lord delivering blessings and warmth to your one amazing life.

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