It is the beginning of a new year.  A blank slate.  A new beginning.  All things made new.   I don’t know what your past year looked like, but mine definitely threw me for a loop.  I was marching forward with all I had, giving it my all, working hard to perform and to perfect, and in a hot minute, I had to stop.  My body gave out.  Done. Kaput.  Over.  Apparently we weren’t made to carry such heavy loads and try to do it all on our own.  The gift in it all, in our pain and our suffering and our unexpected circumstances is that it then allows Papa to pick us up and hold us.  To teach us that we don’t need to do it on our own.  And to lead us on the path of abundance.  

 I hear the whispers in the stillness, dear one, this next year, it will be a year of so much goodness, so many blessings poured out for my beloveds.  It will be a year of restoration, redemption, beauty, grace, love, joy, peace, strength, and transformation.  A year of people living loved, of  dry bones coming alive, of hearts of stone being turned into hearts of flesh. 

 You, mountains of Israel, will burst with new growth, putting out branches and bearing fruit.  My people are coming home!  Do you see?  I’m back again.  I’m on your side.  I’ll see to it that the ruins are rebuilt.  The country will burst into life, life and more life.  I’ll put my spirit in you and you will live.   -Ezekiel 36 & 37


 This God man, he doesn’t purpose difficulty for us.  He doesn’t want us to live scared, angry, or sad.  The news headlines scream of 2017 as the year of anxiety, where a lot happened and it made us crazy.  But this isn’t the will of the Father.  He comes to give us life to the full.  Abundant life.  This other stuff, this hardship, this anxiety, this crazy, that is from the thief, because the thief comes to steal and destroy.   

 We weren’t meant to live like this.  And yet, this is life.  Full of just stuff that is hard.  World stuff, family stuff, personal stuff. And the two best words for 2018, BUT GOD.  But God says, you are my beloved children and I want you to live happy and wild and free.  Secure in my love.  So overwhelmed by my love and my presence that we can’t help but shout for joy and dance.  His gift to us is himself and he delights in us as his children.  Goodness, I sure do everything in my power to shield my babies from hard things.  How much more our heavenly father cares for us and wants the best for us.  The truth is, we can live happy and free in HIM.  He is holding us.  His wrap around presence is always there.  Even in our hardest moments, he is there.   

 In 2018, I plan to look up a whole lot more.  To look into the face of my Papa.  To grab his hands.  To come close.  To see the scars.  And to hear his voice of love speak over me that those scars, they are for me, for all of humanity.  I long to lay my head on his chest and hear his powerful voice say that his perfect love drives out fear.  It is finished. Done.  He carried the cross and endured the pain so we wouldn’t have to.  His whisper says baby, stop living afraid, stop living sad, stop the unbelief.  No pain, no fear, no circumstance can consume you, I won’t let it.  My ways are higher than your ways.  You just have to TRUST. 

 This year, it is going to be AMAZING, WONDERFUL, JOYFUL, ABUNDANT, REMARKABLE, MAJESTIC, AND FULL OF WONDER for all of humanity.  The world is going to break free from it’s wandering and we will be led into a place of safety and abundance.  -Psalm 107, Passion 

The stars twinkle above, his light enfolding us.   

His soft blanket of love wraps us up. 

 He holds us close and we are at rest in this love. -song of songs 8, passion 

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