If you’ve known us very long, you know that we are always awaiting our next adventure.  Adoption, moving, mission trips, vacations, we are just up for it all.  All in.  All the time.  Because living open handed allows for God’s glory to be revealed.  So our next adventure is to restore an acreage.  An acreage that is beautiful and amazing but just needs someone to love it, to restore it, to bring it back to life.

So we have been burning and excavating and cleaning and loving this farm back to it’s original beauty.  The amazing gift is that what is happening in the natural is paralleling the spiritual work that is happening in my life.  As I am dealing with this new normal of anxiety, God is working at restoring me to my original, to who I really am, a daughter of the king.  He is tearing down the past hurts, the anger, the frustrations and working to make things new in my life.  He is uprooting all of the old in order to make me new.  He is writing a new story over me, recreating me.  And we get to do the same thing to this farmstead.  Give it a new story.  Breathe new life into it.  Burn away the old, the dirty, the broken, and start fresh.  Create beauty from ashes.  He is doing the same to my soul and it’s the most beautiful gift.  What an honor and a privilege to have the God of angel armies work in my heart and restore me.  What an honor and a privilege to be able to live our dream and restore this farm.

I see the light and the beauty even in the brokenness, in the fires and the uprooting, their is light shining forth.  I hear HIM say, I am with you mighty warrior, just keep on going.  Uproot one more tree, one more piece of your heart.  Burn away one more pile of rubble, one more fear.  Just keep going because restoration and victory and breakthrough are yours for the taking.

I am in awe of our good, good father and overwhelmed at his grace in the gift of this land and the gift of my healing.  He is always fighting for us, working out the best for us, we just need to lean in to his presence and receive the gift.  It’s a hard fight, this uprooting, this pushing back the dark, but greater is HE in us than in the world and through HIS mighty power we are more than conquerors.   I choose  praise and joy and his presence.  I choose LIGHT.  I choose VICTORY.  He is good and my heart overflows.

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you, and rejoice over you with singing.” -Zephaniah 3:17

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