It starts with our WORTH.  We need to know and believe we are worthy.  Matt and I didn’t adopt the boys based on what they could or would DO for us.  We adopted them because they just were. They were in need of a family and why not us.  God doesn’t say I love you because you did this or that or you because your actions are perfect and holy.  He says I love you because you ARE. Because I created you in my image.  Our worth is not based on our actions it is based on the fact that we are created.  When you create a child, you don’t deem them worthy based on their behavior or what they can do for you.  That child is instantly bonded to you through the miracle of childbirth and through God’s natural process of creation.  The same is true of our incredible God.  We have WORTH and are WORTHY because he made us out of dust and breathed life into us.  YOU are amazing, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, and able because you are created.

“God got particular and creative with us human creatures.  He rolled up his sleeves when he made us and declared us to be Imago Dei.  Image of God.  He did not call us broken, sinner, or failure.  Which means our primal identity (the one most at the depths of who we are-in our very bones) is one given by the Creator himself.  We are his.” -Jefferson Bethke, It’s Not What You Think



But what about the fall?  We were created so beautifully and perfectly and God asked Adam and Eve not to touch the fruit on that one tree.  But they messed up.  Now what?  What does our worth look like now?  God had a plan.  A restoration plan.  A plan to make beauty out of brokenness.  When Matt and I adopted they boys we didn’t expect the “hard” part of adoption.  For real, we were both so blind to what it would like.  And when it didn’t turn out like we had hoped, we didn’t run away.  We ran forward fighting for attachment and family.  Fighting for restoration and redemption.  We didn’t do this perfectly, we messed up A LOT.  In horrendous, horrible ways.  But we did manage to keep one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward towards the light of God’s redeeming power.  In the same way that we fought for our boys, God fights for us.  He forgives us and longs for us.  He wants to dwell with us.

Matt and I have to speak this truth over our boys.  We have to show them that our love is not conditional on how they behave.  That no matter what they do, we will fight for them.  God speaks this over us.  It doesn’t matter what we do. Our worth is not conditional on our behavior or based on what we can do for God.  Jesus took it all on the cross that day.  He loves us with a never ending love. He pursues us and longs to do life with us.  He wants us to be still and just rest in his love.

“Most of my life I assumed being a “good Christian” was the goal: doing, or appearing to do, all the right things, keeping sin at bay or at least out of the light.  I mistook the narrow road of Matthew 7:14 as the path of least spiritual resistance.  Yet, as we travel through the pages of scripture and grow in the knowledge of God, we find our need for the Gospel does not magically become smaller.  Instead, we more clearly see the enormity of our need.  Our salvation is an order so tall only Christ’s perfection can measure up, a gap so large only HIS mercy can fill.” -Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams

These are the most truthfull, soul filling words.  Only Christ can measure up. We are human and we will never reach perfection, but we are blessed with a God who stands in the gap for us and restores our brokenness.  We need to live filled with this truth.  The truth that we are worthy and loved no.matter.what.  When this fills us, then we overflow.  We overflow God’s goodness to a broken and hurting world.  We stand in the gap for the broken, the oppressed, the judged, the hurting.  We are free to run with arms wide open and do scary things.

Let’s go friends.  Let’s be light shining in the darkness. Why not us? Why not now?  What are we waiting for?  God didn’t hold back his love, he gave freely.  Let’s go and do the same.

Happy Orphan Sunday friends!!  Be blessed!!

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