Three words.  Three words God has given me as I cry out to him about the unfairness of the world.  As I ask him why he lets babies die in the womb, why husbands pass away unexpectedly at such a young age, why are innocent people killed as they are eating dinner in Paris?  Why God?  Seriously God, I just don’ t get it.  Why are their children starving in Africa, why are there people suffering and going without in our own cities?  You are good God.  You are amazing.  Why do you allow such injustice?

My pastor preached about this this morning.  He talked about how we can’t be selfish.  How we have to BE THE LIGHT.  He talked about a God who is greater and more than we can wrap our minds around.  He talked about Job and his sufferings and how God said, shut your mouth, I created THIS, I will be sovereign over it all.  In the end, God is God and he is good and we have to allow him to rule the entirety of our lives, even the suffering.

I hear the gentle whisper of a good God saying don’t give up.  Saying BE THE LIGHT.  He says don’t be afraid, I am with you.  He tells us not to run from the brokenness but run to it.  We don’t change the brokenness, the brokenness changes us.  It gives us eyes to see and hearts to love big.  When tragedy strikes, when lives are messy, he says run to me.  I am the one who saves.  I am the healer, the lover, the restorer.





As I raise my tribe, I long for them to not be afraid of the messy brokenness in our world, but to run to it with their lights shining brightly.  To love freely, filled with grace and truth for everyone. Because every life matters. Every person is worthy and important.  As we open our hearts, our homes, our lives, we truly live.  Because if we aren’t willing to lay down our lives for the one who laid down his for us, what is there?

Be the light today friends.  Love freely. Give grace.  Speak life.  LOVE WINS.

 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5


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