I am taking on the challenge of writing all the days in October! I will list the links to each post below.  Thank you for following along with me as I write from the heart about what God has taught me about living intentionally.

Day 1 -Living Intentionally-Arms Wide Open

Day 2-Living Intentionally-Taking care of YOU

Day 3- Living Intentionally-Your Kids

Day 4 -Living Intentionally-In the World

Day 5-Living Intentionally-Staying Organized

Day 6-Living Intentionally-Giving Generously

Day7-Living Intentionally-Embrace the Struggle

Day 8-Living Intentionally-Your Spouse

Day 9-Living Intentionally-Making yourself small

Day 10-Living Intentionally-Do Scary Things

Day 11-Living Intentionally-Reading

Day 12-Living Intentionally-Finding Beautiful Things

Day 13-Living Intentionally-Time

Day 14-Living Intentionally-Perspective

Day 15-Living Intentionally-Interrupted

Day 16-Living Intentionally-Dealing with the crazy

Day 17-Living Intentionally-Adoption

Day 18-Living Intentionally-Being Authentic

Day 19-Living Intentionally-Simple Life

Day 20-Living Intentionally-Encouragement

Day 21-Living Intentionally-On earth as it is in heaven

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