I love to organize and create a space for everything.  I thrive well in a space that is clutter free and organized.  It also helps when I have six kids to manage.  Life can be a crazy mess and so we need some sense of calm to manage the chaos of appointments, school, homework and all the things.  I wanted to share a couple of things that I do that seem to help keep life running smoothly.

Shool:Clothes are laid out immediately when they get home.  This eliminates frustration and drama at the last minute when we need to be walking out the door.  Homework is also done right away before they are too tired. They are responsible for taking library books back, wearing their PE shoes, and telling me when they need to bring snacks.

Home: If you have even 15 minutes or  half an hour to give to your house each day, it helps immensely.  Then you are doing a little bit each day and keeping the house clean rather than having to spend one day cleaning everything because there was no attention given to it all week.  And for the love, have your kids help!!  My kids are responsible for keeping the basement picked up.  We have bins and baskets for all they toys.  They know where everything goes and they put it away when it is time to pick up.  Create a space for everything.  If there is a bin for the mail and a basket for the bills and a basket for magazines and a place for the blankets, then everything can easily just be picked up, put away and be out of sight.  And teach your kids where things go so they can help pick up and put things in proper places.






Declutter: One thing I am notorious for is throwing things out.  I hate clutter so I am always going through all of our stuff and getting rid of it.  But sometimes I get rid of too much or something valuable.  I guess balance is needed. 🙂  If our homes only have in them all of the things we really need and use then it will be easier to organize our spaces and live in a mess free zone.  We just spent 4 hrs going through 20 tubs of clothes for the kids.  Which was so helpful to clear out our basement storage room but also now we have all of these clothes for the kids that we don’t have to buy. And we were able to donate a whole bunch of stuff to families in need.   So thankful for that.  Sometimes being intentional about spending the time doing the things we don’t want to do really can pay off in the end.  It works for us to constantly be evaluating the “stuff” in our home and eliminating what we don’t need or use.

Pinterest, Facebook, HGTV and decorating magazines all help with figuring out how to organize our spaces. There are so many great ideas.  The hard part is being intentional about implementing the ideas. But so often it’s worth it to take the time and create a space where you can feel relaxed and calm. These things are just what work for my family.  It may not be for everyone.  It is totally ok if your house is not HGTV fabulous or completely organized.  It’s just a house and relationships are so much more important.  If being organized makes you thrive and works for you like it does me, then go for it.  And if not, then keep on keepin on.  At the end of the day, we all have to find what works for us and call it good.

I encourage you to follow Ruth at Gracelaced, she talks a lot about doing the things you don’t want to do (like cooking and cleaning and organizing) and finding God in those moments.  I find it easy to dismiss the activity of taking care of my home as worthless work because it isn’t producing anything.  However, that’s not truth.  God loves it when we are intentional to take care of the blessings he has given us.  Love your home and your people well today.  They are tremendous gifts from a gracious God.

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