Perspective.  A way of regarding something. This one word can change how we see the world.  Education and awareness are key to having the right perspective of life situations.  As we step out and learn about other cultures, other ways of being, we are changed.  Learn and understand.  I feel like God has put these words on my heart lately.  I feel like I am supposed to take on the posture of a student in all areas of life and fully grasp other’s situations.  This changes the game.  If we know what it’s really like to live in a hard neighborhood in New York or Chicago, maybe we won’t be so quick to pass judgement.  If we study poverty and refugees and violence against women, it blesses us with a thankful heart.  How privileged we are to live in a safe city with plenty of food to eat and a roof over our heads.  It is just so important to be a learner, to be aware of what is happening around us.  At the very least it allows us to be prayerful and mindful.  And maybe we put our brave pants on and take the next step to talk about it, to give, to find out how we can help.



Every person has a story.  And every story deserves to be told.  As the stories are told, we gain new insight into the realities of life that might look different than ours.  I love chasing after this.  It is my very favorite thing to learn and understand what life looks like from another point of view.


I long for us to be a tribe of storytellers and listeners gaining new perspectives every day.  I love how Robert’s quote states that stories convert life into a clearer experience.  Clarity is exactly what happens when we take the time to listen to another person and understand who they really are.  It is so easy to jump to judgment when we just SEE a person doing this or that.  But when we open our ears to HEAR we gain wisdom and a clear picture of their heart.

Let’s connect well today friends and be open to gaining new perspective, fresh eyes to see and fresh ears to hear.

“The telling of stories creates the real world.” -Albuerto Manguel


Watch this documentary to learn more about the life of a Syrian refugee

Read through this facebook feed to learn more about life in the DRC

Read this article to learn more about violence against women in India

Read this article to learn more about human trafficking of children in Haiti



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