The kingdom is now.  It is our responsibility to bring heaven to earth.  What does heaven look like?  Are there churches set on fire just because the congregation is black?  Are there people wrongly accused because of their race?  Are there children starving?  Is there unforgiveness and judgment? Are there diseases and cancer that take lives too soon?  Of course not.  It is heaven.  Perfect and beautiful.  So if our task is to bring heaven to earth, then we have some work to do.

We need to speak life and stand up against discrimination.  We need to feed the hungry.  We need to put orphans in homes.  We need to forgive always.  We need to pray and BELIEVE for healing over our brothers and sisters.  We need to love our neighbor as we would love ourselves.


” A scribe once asked Jesus a restrictive question: “Who is my neighbor?” But he meant, “What are the boundaries between God’s people (my neighbor) and all the rest?” Jesus turned that man inside out and told him the right question was, “To whom will you be neighborly?” Jesus’ answer was: “Anyone you meet. Especially the needy.” Jesus converted the restrictive question into an inclusive habit. Those who live out that inclusive habit are Kingdom people. King Jesus came to create a Kingdom people, and His Kingdom people are those who listen to Him and live out His Kingdom vision. They know His words and they abide in His words.” -Relevant Magazine

Our calling is to live intentionally to bring heaven to earth.  To change the landscape where we live.  To make our lives and communities so inclusive and full of love that we are bulging with kingdom people.  This is my mantra, my passion, my greatest joy, to work each day to bring heaven to earth.  Together we can change the world.  Keep on keepin on friends.

be the change

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