God has really changed me and continues to change my thinking about living intentionally in the world.   Living intentionally in the world is easy really.  It’s being nonjudgmental.  Not  judging based on color of skin or ethnic background, not judging based on sexuality, not judging on rich or poor.  It’s just loving.  Loving everyone.  Smiling and waving at everyone.  Striking up conversation with others.  Cooking a meal for a family. Taking care of other people’s kids.  Tipping generously.  Holding the door.  Letting other people go ahead of you in line at the grocery store.  (People do this for me all the time, seriously I am SO loved!!).  Paying for other people’s meals anonymously.  Throwing parties for people.  Eating with anyone and everyone on a regular basis.  Mowing the neighbors lawn.  This is easy. Super easy.

Don’t judge, just love and the world will be a brighter place with so much love and light spilling forth.

Here’s the deal.  I don’t claim to be perfect at this.  I just know what God puts on my heart. In fact, Matt and I have failed at this many times.  There are times when we have been so stinkin self righteous it makes me want to throw up.  We are so lucky that we still have friends that love us despite our mistakes.   And I am so incredibly thankful that Jesus started to pull me out of my self righteous yuck and started teaching me a new way, a better way.  HIS way!!




shine your light


Just read the gospels to see how Jesus lived on the earth.  He loved everyone.  And he didn’t exactly always have nice words for the self righteous Pharisees. He was radical and kind and crazy and he didn’t care what any of the religious leaders thought about that.  He asks us to live in this world well, to love like he loved.  He wants us to invite the extortionist to supper and forgive the adulterer and ask the tax collector to hang out.

“Every word Jesus said and act he did smashed the spiritual, religious, traditional, and pop idols of his day. False kingdoms were exposed, false motives were laid open, false teachings were confronted, and every person he touched came away confused, intrigued, perplexed, or changed.”  -Hugh Halter, Sacrilege

Go love like Jesus today, take down all the barriers, think out of the box and be a light in the world.


Please read Hugh Halter’s books, SacrilegeFlesh and Brimstone

Also read Jen Hatmaker’s book For the Love and Brandon Hatmaker’s book Barefoot Church


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