Truth. Love. Grace.  I feel like as women we are so often hard on ourselves.  We so often allow lies to be spoken over us rather than truth.  We need to speak honest, uplifting words to ourselves and each other every. single. day.  Words that Jesus would speak to us.



god is for you


You are an amazing child of God, created in his image, you are worthy because you are you not because of anything you do.  You are strong and kind. You are forgiven and free.  You are loved more than you could ever know.  By Jesus and by so many people in your life.  Jesus hears your prayers.  He answers them.  Everything you do amazes and delights God.  Don’t let what other people say or do get you down.  Don’t compare yourselves to others.  You are uniquely you and that is exactly what delights the king. God is jealous for you.  He pursues you.  He loves you right where you are at.  You don’t have to do anything or say anything to receive his love, just be still.  You have passion inside of you that Jesus has put in your heart.  You have a fire inside of you that ignites when you pursue all of the things Jesus has called you to.  Run to your calling.  He longs to help you live out your dreams.

Speak truth to yourself every day.  Run to his arms and live in his love.  Precious one, you are incredible and dearly loved.


Follow these ladies on their blog and instagram for a daily dose of truth:

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Christine Caine


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