Out of the box. Crazy.  Reckless.  Unsafe.  More than we can handle.  Sometimes God call us to do scary things.  It is amazing and life giving when we say yes.  Today my church family sent off my friend Jaime.  She is on an incredible journey to India to love on kiddos at Sarah’s Covenant Homes.  I feel so blessed that I get to know Jaime, love her and encourage her on this journey. Often our God calls us to do kingdom work that we have to run to with reckless abandon. It means leaving the comfort of our homes, our family, our friends and pursuing the one who is jealous for us.






I love watching people step out.  What is your scary that God is calling you to?  It could be a new job or adoption or missions.  It could be that he is calling you to leave everything behind.  Or sometimes even scarier, he calls you to stay right where you are at.  It is my greatest joy to listen to stories of people answering God’s call to scary things.  Maybe it’s being brave and vulnerable and sharing your story like this amazing couple.  Maybe it’s living your life out of balance because of the kingdom work you are doing.  And staying the course even when the world thinks you are crazy.  Maybe it’s moving to a new neighborhood, taking a completely different job and taking in kids from hard places.  Read the story of a family who did just that here.  Maybe it’s standing up for justice and making decisions that are against the grain.  Maybe it’s adopting a whole bunch of kids.  Or taking in special needs children.  Follow The Archibald Project for amazing stories of adoption, justice and love.

Whatever scary God has given you, I pray you say yes.  Say yes to a life lived in fullness and joy.  He has put the passions in your heart and he longs for you to chase after them.

Live fully and love beautifully today friends!!!

…..I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-John 10:10

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