Adoption is a big word that encompasses so much.  It is about the adoption of children who need families.  It is about God adopting us into his family through his son.  It is also about redemption and loving beyond yourself.  Adoption takes something broken and makes it beautiful.  I am just an ugly sinner and I always will be, but Jesus made me beautiful when he died on the cross for all of my sins.  Children are near death, starving, abandoned and someone chooses to make them part of their family and their story is now beautiful.  Beauty for ashes.

Adoption is weighty.  Every story and every situation is different.  There may be a child who has parents and our job is to help reunify them, to fight for family preservation.  Or a child may have one parent who truly doesn’t want them or can’t take care of them.  Maybe a child is completely abandoned.  A sibling group could be just too much for a mama to feed.  Every case is different.  It requires prayer and discernment to know what our response should be to each story.

The same can be said for a person’s relationship with Jesus.  Some people need a loud voice that tells them the story of Jesus and transforms their life.  They are on fire and ready.  Others might just long for someone to walk beside them and slowly show them who this Jesus person is.  And still others may not be ready for a really long time, if ever.  Again, it takes prayer and discernment to know what our role is in helping others respond to being adopted by God.



Our adoption process, both our spiritual and our physical adoption of the boys, went very fast.  We were primed and ready.  And we just went for it.  We said yes and immediately held our arms wide open.  That is our specific story. He knew our personalities and he knew we would fit well with a loud and fast approach.  It doesn’t work that way for everyone.  God uses all the pieces of our lives to guide us gently to him.

God is the author and perfecter.  He knows exactly what this child needs and what that child needs.  He knows which adoption approach is best.  He asks us to pray and listen and follow his lead.

I believe it is the same for spiritual adoption.  He knows exactly what each individual needs in order to open their heart to his goodness.

A one size fits all approach to physical adoption doesn’t work, it is just too complicated to say that every situation requires the same answer.  The same is true for spiritual adoption; one way does not fit all.  We are wise to have our eyes and hearts open to loving people right where they are at.  No pressure. No guilt.  Just grace, mercy and love.

If you are thinking of adopting a child, please research and be informed of all the options.  So many children need a family.  But some don’t.  Know the story and you will feel confident in moving forward.

Adoption is love, it is gentleness, it is grace.  It is HIS heart for an imperfect world.  In every way.

God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. -Ephesians 1:5


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