Days after the image of the three year old boy washed up on shore in Turkey my heart is still aching.  Aching for a world to shine their light.  Aching for the Syrian refugees to have HOPE.  My prayer since I saw that picture was that God would open our eyes to the needs of the world and make our hearts ache.  Because our hearts need to be broken for the things that break his.  Every single day. And my prayer is that our hearts will be broken and we will press forward and bring hope to the world.  I have been thinking that it is so easy to just BE in our own little small worlds.  I live in a small town and I am safe and at peace everyday.  I can easily take care of my house, do my work, go on vacation and be oblivious to the things of the world.  I was for 30 years.  And then JESUS opened my eyes to see the brokeness that he wanted Matt and I to enter into and to fight for every day.  He longs for us to bring his kingdom to earth.  We are the answer to the prayers of the poor, the orphan, the refugee.  We have so much abundance and we are called to share.  As I was sharing about the Syrian refugee crisis with my children, I asked them if they would want someone to help them if they were in a similar situation.  If you were an innocent victim of a deadly war and you were fleeing to safety, would you want someone to open their home to you?  Would you want all the NGO’s and nonprofits funded so that they can help you without worry?  Would you want all the supplies ready and available for you when you came to a new country with nothing?  If we love humanity at all we must do unto others as we would want them to do to us.  My prayer is that we will work together as churches and prayer groups and families and that we will rise up and meet the needs of these refugees.  I am so encouraged by the outpouring of support that is already happening.  Let’s continue to march on, shine our light and love people well.  I pray our worlds don’t stay small but that we open our eyes to ALL THE THINGS and we do something.  Ways to help include prayerwelcoming refugees, and giving to reputable organizations.  We will be goodness to all the people, we have to be.

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